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ELMONT NY:  “All I could do was pray for the children on the ground as my son cried in the back seat” said Mimi Pierre-Johnson. Mimi had just picked up her son from Dutch Broadway Elementary School and was traveling westbound on Dutch Broadway when they saw the car hit the children. “It's time we figure out how to keep Elmont's students safe when they are walking to [and from] school.”

Mimi quickly turned from sadness to solutions, “Telling your children just walk on the corner of Dutch Broadway is not helping. We need to :

  • Change the pattern of traffic in the morning and afternoon during school hours;

  • Reduce speed on Elmont Rd and Dutch Broadway during school hours;

  • Re-open the Village and Elmont Rd Gate where we now have a crossing guard; and

  • Reduce speed on Elmont Road and Village Ave. during school hours.”

Kevin Dougherty, principal of Elmont Memorial High School wrote in a message to parents "During dismissal today, four students that were walking home on the sidewalk on Dutch Broadway were struck by a car, … All students were appropriately transported to the hospital and parents of the injured were notified. We will keep you updated as we get more information. As always the safety of your students is our utmost concern."

This is not the first time in Dougherty's relatively short tenure as principal that he has had to rush from his building to the scene of an accident involving vehicles and his students.

The news of yet another accident involving Elmont students prompted Andrew Bader, a former student to post this on Facebook, “Sorry to hear this sad news. I am praying for the recovery of this students who attend my Alma Mater.”

Mimi Pierre-Johnson issued this call to action and we at Elmont Online join her as she prays the four children that got hurt yesterday. “It is up to the adults now to make it safer for them [our students] when they return to school. Please call your Legislator Carrié Solages, Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages, and Senator Todd Kaminsky.”

Andria Arrington-Ingram echoes Mimi call, it's “time to take action for our youth. That corner has a history of far too many accidents for a school zone.”

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