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(ELMONT, NY) – The Belmont Park Community Coalition (BPCC), The Elmont Parkhurst Civic Association, Elmont Tudor Manor Civic Association and Locustwood/Gotham Civic Association today filed a petition and complaint in Nassau County Supreme Court to halt a massive arena and mega mall project at Belmont Park in Elmont, Long Island. The civic groups are requesting the courts take a hard look at the proposed project.

"The State of New York plans to take up a major redevelopment project for our community. Unfortunately, the State has chosen to ignore the surrounding communities and our concerns about the current redevelopment proposal."- Lori Halop, The Belmont Park Community Coalition

The petition and complaint seeks judgment pursuant to Article 78 of the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules (“CPLR”) and declaratory relief pursuant to section 3001 of the CPLR.

The complaint argues in part "Developers, without any permits, approvals or other legal right to do so, and without apparent objection or prohibition by the Town and/or Town Board, [and] the County Executive and with apparent acquiescence, have repeatedly misappropriated the Belmont Park for its private use”.

Cheryl Lee, President of Parkhurst Civic Association said, “Parkhurst advocates for transparency and community engagement from the State. Our concerns have been overlooked.”

"Elmont is not blighted", says Joyce Stowe, President of Tudor Manor Civic Association. She and Bob Barker, President of the the Locustwood/Gotham Civic Association take objection the “representation of Elmont as being blighted depresses”  and are concerned that official misrepresentation of the community socioeconomic status “lower[s] property values and stigmatizes our students academic accomplishments.”

In the petition, the Belmont Park Community Coalition continues to raise concerns about the “cumulative impacts” that were not addressed under both Federal regulations and the State's Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process:

  • Multiple Projects in a single area must be assessed collectively.  New York's guidance on this subject is noted here https://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/47716.html
  • Cumulative impacts can be the result of different projects from different developers;
  • Cumulative impacts must be assessed before a shovel is in the ground and must include all reasonably foreseeable plans.
  • Geographic proximity is a factor in cumulative impacts.

All of these proposed projects need to be studied collectively as part of any Draft EIS for their impacts on public and private transportation and traffic; MTA fundraising; air pollution; water, sewage, electricity taxpayer dollars and pubic lands.   BPCC seeks proper allocation of taxpayer resources  The Belmont development project is an estimated $1 billion land giveaway with little guarantee of good paying jobs in return.  New York Arena Partners has already insisted that there be no project labor agreements  jeopardizing the quality of the jobs to be located at Belmont Park.

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