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      The Temporary Redistrictng Committee's second meeting is this Thursday 6/28/12 4PM at the County Legislative Chamber, 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola.

      There has been no published agenda; however, the Democrats on the Nassau County Redistricting Commission have proposed a Resolution calling for fair redistricting rules, which I have attached.  In all likelihood, the Commission will vote on this Resolution on Thursday.  It is unknown at this time if the Republicans will bring something to the table for discussion and vote.  Again, no agenda has been made available to the public.
      The League of Women Voters will also be making a statement as well as having several requests to the agreed upon process that will include a published agenda and more productive use of the wed page.
      Please make every effort to come to the meeting and lend support -- show the Commission that the public demands FAIR redistricting! 
      Barbara Epstein
      Nancy Rosenthal
      Co-chairs Redistricting Committee
      League of Women Voters of Nassau County