Governor Cuomo's office was busy herding local elected personel, their employees, Islander fans and numerious other organizations and non-Elmont residents to “come stand with him” as he gave away some of the most prized real estate in the state to his wealthy donor. The 'con'trivance was convened at 10:15AM today at Belmont Park in Elmont, a time of day guaranteed to suppress attendance by hard working local residents.

Interestingly, as we learn more about the Who-is-Who that attended the 'con'trivance it's clear from their social media postings that many were there 'for selfies', selfies with the Governor of the State of New York.  When did we make these elected personnel celebrities? SMH!

One resident echoed the aforementioned it this way, “He [Cuomo] knows we are a hard working middle class community and he picked a time of day that guaranteed no one would be home to show their opposition”.

Rather than disrupt their work schedules, residents must now turn to the courts and the ballot for redress. #elmontvotes

It's obvious that the Empire State Development Corp. (ESD) has circumvented the community by wilfully not complying with the Urban Development Corporation Act [(UDCA)].  Belmont Park is owned by the People of the State of New York and Empire State Development Corp has a fiduciary responsibility to follow the UDCA.

“It is our intention to pursue any and all legal options at our disposal to ensure that both the spirit and letter of UDCA is followed." says residents who heard about the land giveaway by the Governor.

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