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Aubrey’s technical expertise and his ability to respond to unique technical challenges have earned Maughns satisfied clients in myriad vertical markets: dental, travel, convention centers, non-profit and manufacturing. He points out, however, that he doesn’t want Maughns to be labeled by the verticals it serves. “Our focus is connectivity, ” in both the technical and the operational sense. “We are networking specialists, but we also work to get our clients’ departments and processes working together,” which is as important to bottom line productivity as technical connectivity.

Generous with his time and insights, Aubrey has earned many media appearances. He participates in radio, TV and magazine interviews as well as lectures and seminars whenever possible. He’s also active in his industry and community. His affiliations include Who's Who of American Business Leaders, since 1991; the NY LAN Assn.; the Assn. for Corporate Computing Technical Professionals (NaSPA); VARBusiness magazine Advisory Board Council since 1995; Elmont’s Small Business Person of the Year 2000; and School Board Trustee.

Nearly two decades ago when Aubrey entered the IT business, the question of the day was: “Do we need technology?” Now that that answer is clear, today’s question is: “How can we use it best?” Aubrey and Maughns are helping clients find the right answer to that question every day.

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