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Aubrey phillipsWhen an individual has the opportunity to do the kind of work he was meant to do, great things result. That’s the case for Maughns’ founder and president, Aubrey Phillips, who combines his passions for technology and education to deliver information technology solutions that empower both businesses and business people.
When Maughns was founded in 1988, Aubrey brought to it an impressive background that included the development of highly sophisticated systems used by the U.S. Marine Corp in foreign NATO exercises. As well as valuable experiences gleaned from managing a Tandy Corporation support and training facility that served day to day needs of corporate IT users, Aubrey’s technical savvy and his keen grasp of customer service dynamics give him a unique edge in a “techno-centric” industry. Unlike many IT professionals, Aubrey understands that technology’s ultimate power is only as robust as a user’s ability to understand and effectively apply it. Thus, he strives to do more than simply implement technology. His mission is to help clients understand technology such that they make optimal use of it.

Company LogoAubrey says, “We want to position ourselves – in every way – to be partners with our clients.” A promise he stands by firmly, despite the fact that large, aloof companies like Microsoft and CompUSA diminish the value of the word “partner” by using it to describe their arms-length customer relationships. The truth is, not every company that calls itself a partner truly is one. For Aubrey, partnership is about mutual exchange – a sharing of information, knowledge, and success. “We educate and inform our clients at every stage so they know what’s happening and what to expect from their systems -- and us.”

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