I have to say this atricle has all the facts, and sadly we have been played again. Some people point to West Hempstead as a success story: Really!! It only took 20 years. The sad part to that story is: The community wanted to rid the area of prostituts and drugs; well they didn't, the problem has now moved to the capri motel a few miles west. If you look at the Regional planning decissions, no mention Of Elmont, Belmont or Transit Development anywhere. They mention VS and a train station. Well what about the Train Station at Belmont. If we want to see any real job creation and not more bricks we need to depoliticize the coalition now. We have seen the forces butt heads before: Sen. Johnson and Sen. Skelos dividing the community over an advisory board. In order for our community to win this race for jobs we can't have a re- match of politcal wills. This time it will be between Majority leader Republican Skelos plus Sen. Martins against Governor Coumo. Will they try to divide the community again? Push us to one side as they dangle that carrot? If we really want to see jobs,and the plan moved forward we need to have the coalition become a part of the Chamber and have a slate of independent leaders. This is our last shot of getting this right. One more point: Why does Elmont have to work so hard just to get a Supermarket? It seems to come easy for most communities on Long Island. Here in Elmont we have to pant like a dog and wag our tails just to hear about a market. If we complain they call us trouble makers. On the other hand the Town tells us they are complaint driven. In other words the Town doesn't work unless we complain. Well let's all start complaining loud and clear: We want jobs and our plan from 2006 done now not 20 years from now!!