"Just a few months ago, NYRA made a pledge to me in a Senate hearing, and to the greater community, to invest in Belmont with significant resources. The opening of the LIRR station is a positive step. But we have a long way to go in revitalizing the Elmont community." "By working with LIRR to reopen the Belmont station, even if temporarily, NYRA has taken the first step to realize it's commitment to Belmont and the greater Elmont community. I look forward to working with NYRA as it meets its commitment to Elmont in restoring Belmont to its Triple Crown splendor, revitalizing the property consistent with the community's vision, and recognizing Belmont as the jewel of downstate racing." "Over the past several months, I took part in an economic development roundtable sponsored by the Elmont Black History Month committee which explored tangible ways to restore, revitalize and create jobs throughout the Hempstead Turnpike corridor. The Elmont Chamber of Commerce is hosting an economic development forum that will build off the Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development's Visioning and the roundtable's groundbreaking discussion. We have construction on the Turnpike with a new Applebees coming. Other businesses are looking at properties and are exploring development opportunities. All of the community stakeholders stand ready to work together. It's an exciting time to be a part of this discussion and work. Elmont is the focus because there is great opportunity. This time is now. Elmont is ready."