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fbla475The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) allows high school students the opportunity to expand their leadership skills, demonstrate their competitive spirit and receive recognition for their achievements and community service. The FBLA New York State Annual Conference was held this April in Rochester, New York. Members spend months preparing to compete at the State Leadership Conference.

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Elmont votes to affirm Public Education but Albany Demockery smuthers the will of the voting community.

Last Friday (May 11) I received a call from an Elmont Memorial High School parent asking me to support the school by purchasing plants sold by the PTSA.  I did but with public education funding targeted for cuts by “friendly” Albany Republicans can Elmont parents make up the revenue short falls with bake sales and art auctions?

So, how many PTSA Bake Sales will make up the short fall?  How many Martins 3-on-3 Basketballs Tournaments photos will fill the funding gap?  How many Programs like District Wide Music Festival, Jazz Masters, Model UN and Operation Success are in danger?  Will the Elmont Soccer Club, GYO, Elmont Cardinals have to pay for the use of fields and classrooms?

Then there is sequestration - “Because Congress failed to identify the $1.2 trillion in budgetary savings” mandatory automatic cuts to the federal budget will take effect on January 2, 2013.  According to a National PTA memo “…sequestration would devastate state and local budgets, halting delivery of vital educational services to our most in-need students.

In Elmont almost 57% (1226 of 2163) of the voting community affirmed their deep and sacrificial commitment to funding public education yet, the budget failed.  Parents, school administrators and true public school advocates are scratching their heads this morning.  And it is not over, sequestration in on the horizon and that could lead to further mid-year cuts.

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Why Elmont residents should come out in large numbers to support public education.

Superintendents Al Harper and Dr. Ferrie are busy informing the community about the upcoming 2012-13 budgets.  The Superintendents and designees are visiting local civics and have said they will present the two school district budgets to any group desirous of hearing directly from them.  The budget and school board vote is held annually on the third Tuesday of May.  This year’s vote is scheduled for May 15, and polls are open from 6 AM to 9 PM.  Elmont residents vote at polling stations located at each of the six elementary schools Alden Terrace, Dutch Broadway, 

Clara H Carlson, Covert, Gotham Ave, Stewart Manor and the school district office located at 135 Elmont Road.

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Elmont Jazz Masters performing for parents and Jazz Great Roy Haynes at Gotham Ave. School.

Inspiring Students

Today, Elmont residents have a chance to affirm one of its core values - public education. Vote yes today for Jazz Masters and Model UN.  Vote yes today for District Wide Music Festival and Operation Success.  Vote yes today for administrators like Al and Ralph and John and Amy and Mr. A.  Vote yes beacuse our teachers are inspiration to our children.