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Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civics Joint Annual Meeting
Monday October 12 - All Day
Columbus Day

MINUTES:  The joint annual meeting of Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civics was held at the Elmont Public Library on February 22.  Our guests for the evening were Town of Hempstead Code Enforcement Department.  One of the services in Elmont that is sorely lacking is code enforcement.  So having officers from the Department of Sanitation was of vitally important.

The other invited guest, the Fifth Precinct, did not show. Apologies accepted, of course.  A number of issues and questions from meeting attendees were raised regarding cleaning of the streets,  residents repairing cars in the streets, garbage removal, storefront cleanup, etc.  Some of the areas that were brought to the officers attention were Greenway Boulevard starting at Cromer Road to Niagara Street; Landau Street to Westgate alongside Hempstead Turnpike; corner of Elmont Road and Hempstead Turnpike covering all adjacent streets off Hempstead Turnpike—north and South/east /west up to and including School Road and going West to Biltmore; Corner of Tuxedo Drive and Virginia Avenue going back to the Alley at Albany Street; sidewalks facing CVS and stores up to and including the Dollar Store on Dutch Broadway;  Belmont Avenue/ Ludlum; Belmont and First Street.

From the above were complaints of residents walking their dogs along Greenway and not picking up after their dogs, which leave a stench.  Many homeowners along Greenway Boulevard cannot sit on their front porch as a result. Greenway residents also complained about trash alongside the Southern State Parkway.  Since the meeting on the February 22, officers from the Code Enforcement Department have investigated and the State has started to cleanup areas alongside the Southern State Parkway bordering Greenway Boulevard.  The Nassau County Animal Center has been notified of residents walking their dogs and not picking up after them.

At the Corner of Elmont Road and Hempstead Turnpike –going east from the County Line and north/south.  That area is a transportation hub that has a long history of debris.  Officers at the meeting were as frustrated as we were, and a question was posed as to whether pickup/sweeping along that corridor could be done twice weekly instead of once per week.  They promised to bring this matter to the attention of the Town of Hempstead authorities.

Sidewalk areas alongside businesses on Dutch Broadway, we were told, are the responsibility of the businesses.  Nassau County was notified to intervene with the businesses along that strip to clean their sidewalks.

Officers have acknowledged the bus stop and areas alongside Hempstead Turnpike between Landau and Westgate is strewn with debris, and they promised to step up their clean-up efforts as well as store front facing that area.

There are a great number of complaints from residents that many of the streets in Elmont are left undone during the Town of Hempstead spring/summer sweeping schedule due to cars parked on the streets.  That is not the fault of the Town of Hempstead but, the question was raised as to how this problem can be rectified.  In the City of New York there’s alternate side parking on days that the sweeper comes.  Not all streets are affected here in Elmont, but there are certain ones in different areas in the Elmont Community that definitely needs “No Parking” signs.  Officers recommended speaking with the Town’s Traffic and Highway Department on that matter.

Car repairs on certain streets whether on Belmont Avenue or other streets should be reported to the Building Department at 489-5000.

The code enforcement officers at the meeting have intervened with the State, County and the Town to help rectify some of the complaints but, it is incumbent on Elmont’s community residents to call in whatever complaints they have to either the Building Department at 489-5000; Traffic and Highway Department at 378-2260; or the Sanitation Code Enforcement Department at 378-2200.  Mr. Pepe or Mr. Sepchek are the two officers in the Sanitation Department that should be contacted.

Speaking of economic development, no investor will consider Elmont a good site for development if garbage is strewn all over the area i.e. alongside Hempstead Turnpike.

Another subject that was brought up at the meeting was water treatment in Elmont.  That is a subject of grave concern to residents.  At a hearing last year many of our residents gave testimony on the poor water quality that we are experiencing.  We heard from Ms. Sandra Smith that the Water Authority had issued a bond for $35 million that was passed in June 2010 for 2 treatment plants—one to be situated in Elmont and the other in Franklin Square to tackle the excessive iron content of the water.  One well alongside Elmont Road is to be opened.  No one in the meeting had heard of this bond, but it appears that we should see improvement soon.  Ms Smith also told us that the high water table problem is in part the result of the closing of water pumping stations in Jamaica Bay.  Additionally, it is unlikely that the pumps will be made operational again as the water is can no longer be pumped into pay because it is considered an environmental hazard.  Parkhurst resident, Percy Samuels questioned the accuracy of some of the information and that has stirred our interest.  We are now trying to get someone from the Water Authority who will be able to recite the facts and supply us with the necessary documentation for review.

An April 14 meeting of the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a discussion on economic development with Federal, State and local politicians.  Residents are invited to attend.  It will be held at the Library starting at 7: 00 p.m
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