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Call to Action

Call to Action

To State Liquor Authority:


We demand that the New York State Liquor Authority deny the application for the liquor license and opening of a liquor store on 1560 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY 11003, which is within 120 feet of the entrance of the Elmont Memorial Library. This is a residential area and we don’t want a liquor store near our homes and our beloved Library. It brings our property value down and brings unwanted traffic, security issues, excess noise, and trash. So many of the young children in our community use the Elmont Memorial Library and athletic field next to it on a daily basis.

We are against the opening of this liquor store and we would like our concerns to be heard by the State Liquor Authority. We are serious about our property values and our investment in the Elmont Memorial Library. We have come together and signed a petition in order to get results. We want their application to be denied in its entirety.

It is important that we do not allow this liquor store to be put in the midst of the Elmont community. A community that is already overwhelmed with (4) liquor stores in the vicinity. WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE! It is a tragic situation when we put profit over the safety and the well-being of our children. Let's NOT ALLOW this to happen!!! Our children's lives and future are at stake. A new liquor store should not be allowed to open in Elmont, New York.


US Address

In 2006, the Elmont community expressed a strong desire to improve and enhance its suburban conditions and the quality of life for all residents.  During the fall of 2012, New York Empire State Development (ESD) issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to generate ideas for the under-utilized property at Belmont Park.

The Parkhurst and Tudor Manor Civic Associations sponsored meetings between developers and community residents and they are now conducting a study to quantify the feelings of  the surrounding Belmont communities after listening to the presentations.

You are being asked to participate in this activity because you are a member of the Belmont Park Community.  This survey is done over the Internet using a drop down list and check box format. All responses are anonymous.  THE STUDY!

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Sir:

We’ve read news reports that New York State will be choosing a real estate project to be developed at Belmont Park.
We are aware that a minor league soccer stadium is being considered for this site.  We want to express that our community is not in favor of the construction of a soccer stadium at Belmont Park, and more importantly, that the Belmont Park RFP is flawed.
We are not anti-development, and in fact wish the RFP was more comprehensive.  We are particularly disappointed that the RFP specifically excluded housing, an option that our young professionals desperately need in Elmont and throughout Long Island.  In addition, the need for housing in our community was prominently discussed in Elmont's Vision Plan.  We see no better location in Elmont for the development of smart housing to keep our young people rooted here than adjacent to a LIRR station.
Regrettably, the supporters of the soccer stadium have gone outside the community to organizations such as Long Island Junior Soccer league to garner support from individuals who do not have any stake in the Elmont community.  These individuals do not live in Elmont and will not experience the adverse effects of this stadium on their quality of life or their local small businesses.
Please consider that the Belmont Park RFP should be re-evaluated to best reflect Elmont's needs.  A soccer palace will make a lot of money for someone. But it will also destroy our community. The choice doesn’t seem hard to make. We ask you to hear from the residents and reject the soccer palace in favor of a plan that is supported by the people who live here.
NOTE:  In 2014 Elmont voted 60% against the Cosmos Project - read here
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Dear Kelly T. Currie, U.S. Attorney
Eastern District of New York

We are appealing to you as citizens of Elmont and Floral Park New York, who believe wrongs have been committed in the New York State Senate with regard to The New York Cosmos Development Proposal at Belmont Park.  In light of the recent arrest of Senator Dean Skelos and the allegations of wrong doing in Nassau County governmental contracts and Requests For Proposal (RFP), we believe that an investigation must be conducted to ascertain the legality of the Development Proposal.  In fact, we believe the actions of the aforementioned Senators violate the rights of the residents in the Elmont and Floral Park communities.  We ask that you take it upon yourself to investigate corruption at all levels of the New York State Senate, particularly the relationship between The New York Cosmos and New York State Senators Dean Skelos and Jack Martins.

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