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      Conceptual-Corridor-Plan101607Elmont – NY.  Hempstead Town Supervisor, Kate Murray, and Councilman Edward Ambrosino took time out to pen a letter to Elmont residents announcing a Town board hearing on January 24th at 10:30 a.m. where “a dynamic new zoning proposal that will support growth and prosperity along Hempstead Turnpike” will be discussed.

      At around the same time the Murray – Ambrosino letter arrived in Elmont mailboxes, the town turned over the proposed zoning documents (Conceptual Map and Proposed Zoning Amendments) to local business owner and East End Civic Association Member Muzzio Tallini.  Mr Tallini had submitted a FOIL requesting access to the documents last month.  In an email (excepted here) to members of the community Mr. Tallini said “I have compared it [the propose re-zoning] with previous versions and this document was changed in 1 critical area, specifically it removed residential over retail as a permitted use.  Permitting mixed-use along Hempstead Tpke was:

      1. Supposed to becenterpiece of the rezoning;
      2. Mentioned in the Elmont Vision Plan repeatedly;
      3. A fundamental principle of smart growth development; and
      4. To begin constructing the typeshousing our young generation sorely need to stay.

      In short, there can be no meaningful rezoning on Hempstead Tpke without permitting residential units over retail storefronts.  In addition, there are other issues with the proposed zoning that can actually make development harder than under the current zoning in place today. “

      Further, “Rather than dwell on what's wrong with the rezoning, I suggest we move forward and look at another example of rezoning that was done correctly, namely the rezoning that took place in the Village of Mineola under then Mayor Jack Martins.  Mineola is a good example of rezoning in that it successfully removed impediments to development, was very flexible, and encouraged the investment of private capital into their community.  The results speak for themselves.  Elmont should model its zoning to emulate that of Mineola.

      Mr Tallini concludes by asking “Is this rezoning the document that gives Elmont the necessary tools to become the economic powerhouse it deserves to be as the gateway to Nassau County?   The Elmont community has committed too much time and effort to settle for anything less than the best.”