By 10:00AM the plows cleared some streets but left mounds of impassable snow across the intersection We have been receiving several inquiries regarding snow clearing in Elmont.  If your street is not plowed, you may add your voice to this Request for Service (RFS) from the Town of Hempstead.
Call 516 481-7110.  In addition, the TOH suggests you “wait until snowplows have cleared their streets before shoveling driveways and sidewalks. Always shovel snow to the right of your driveway apron (as you face the street) so plows do not push snow back in front of your driveway. Fire departments depend on neighbors to clear snow away from hydrants so they can access them quickly in the event of a fire. If you live on a corner, please also clear a path from the sidewalk to the street at the corner for pedestrians.”

With no cars obstructing access the plows left nearly 6 feet of snow between the curb and the street.  The car with reverse lights on could not get over the mound in previous image.Added 6:12 AM - Tuesday, OUTRAGED residents continue to contact us - "Kate Murray, where is the service for the community" is a common cry today.  We have to get to work to pay the taxes!



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