Re: Amend Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law * § 212.

... BPCC demands that among other requirements, that these proposed developments shall only be undertaken after consultation with the Local Advisory Board referred to in Section 212 of the New York State Racing Law. The Community Advisory Council (CAC), established by ESDC for the current redevelopment project at Belmont Park with the New York Arena Partners (conditional designees), is not the Local Advisory Board residents surrounding Belmont Park have been fairly demanding since 2008.

In the winter of 2018, the State Assembly as part of its one house budget proposal advanced new language to create a Belmont Racetrack Local Advisory Board. The Board would have been made up of 15 designees. Four members to be appointed by the County of Nassau, three of whom must reside in the hamlet of Elmont, four appointees by the Mayor of the Village of Floral Park, four from the Elmont Community Coalition of Civics, and three by NYRA. This language however, ultimately dropped out of the final enacted budget. BPCC is not sure why that occurred but the issue was revived for a short while, only to be dropped out.

In closing, the local advisory board under section 212 should have the opportunity to build an working relationship with the members of the Franchise Oversight Board, The New York Racing Association, Empire State Development Corp., Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead Planning and Economic Development Commission in the implementation of comprehensive planning and rezoning (MASTER PLAN) to preserve and enhance the historical Belmont Park Racetrack and its immediately surrounding neighborhoods. Ask yourself why is the State purposely excluding the community?

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