The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Sir:

We’ve read news reports that New York State will be choosing a real estate project to be developed at Belmont Park.

We are aware that a stadium or a stadium is being considered for this site. We want to express that our community is not in favor of the construction of a stadium at Belmont Park, and more importantly, that both the Belmont Park RFP and the process for selection of a developer is flawed.

We are not anti-development, and in fact wish the RFP was more comprehensive. We are particularly disappointed that the RFP specifically excluded housing, an option that our young professionals desperately need in Elmont and throughout Long Island. In addition, the need for housing in our community was prominently discussed in Elmont's Vision Plan. We see no better location in Elmont for the development of smart housing to keep our young people rooted here and adjacent to a LIRR station.

Regrettably, the stadium supporters generally do not live in Elmont and will not experience the adverse effects of this stadium on their quality of life or their local small businesses.

Please consider that the Belmont Park RFP should be re-evaluated to best reflect Elmont's needs. An ice rink or soccer pitch will make a lot of money for someone, but it will also destroy our community. The choice doesn’t seem hard to make. We ask you to hear from the residents and reject the stadiums in favor of a plan that is supported by the people who live here.

NOTE: In 2014 Elmont voted 60% against the Cosmos Project - read here ... nothing has changed, sir.


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