Dear Kelly T. Currie, U.S. Attorney
Eastern District of New York

We are appealing to you as citizens of Elmont and Floral Park New York, who believe wrongs have been committed in the New York State Senate with regard to The New York Cosmos Development Proposal at Belmont Park.  In light of the recent arrest of Senator Dean Skelos and the allegations of wrong doing in Nassau County governmental contracts and Requests For Proposal (RFP), we believe that an investigation must be conducted to ascertain the legality of the Development Proposal.  In fact, we believe the actions of the aforementioned Senators violate the rights of the residents in the Elmont and Floral Park communities.  We ask that you take it upon yourself to investigate corruption at all levels of the New York State Senate, particularly the relationship between The New York Cosmos and New York State Senators Dean Skelos and Jack Martins.

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