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Monday May 17 - All Day
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Monday May 17, 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM
SM - Building Advisory Committee Meeting


Town of Hempstead Supervisor, Anthony J. Santino
2nd District Council Member, Edward A. Ambrosino
3rd District Council Member, Bruce A. Blakeman
Congressman, Gregory W. Meeks

We, the concerned residents of Elmont, are demanding that the town of Hempstead fully renovate Elmont Road Park.

Elmont Road Park continues to crumble and deteriorate.

During the week of October 2nd, 2017, the cracks on the basketball court of Elmont Road Park were painted over and poorly patched. The following week of October 9th, 2017, on the eve of a press conference calling attention to the park's state of disrepair, authorities made additional 'quick fixes'. They painted the basketball court lines in, put up new nets on old rims that hang off of rotted backboards, removed a few protruding poles, and also painted over old broken wooden benches. These changes have made it even more obvious that a 'quick fix' won't do! We demand that Elmont Road Park have an actionable renovation plan mapped out with deliverable timelines.

We need the Town of Hempstead and our elected officials to know that this "quick fix" IS NOT ENOUGH. Elmont Road Park needs to be fully renovated; we need brand new courts, with new fencing with padding or a total removal of the fence. We need new backboards, new benches, new water fountains, and new restrooms. We also need a park layout evaluation.

Our Kids Deserve Better. Elmont residents should not have to travel to neighboring towns to enjoy a nice, safe, updated park. We want our OWN safe, beautiful park for OUR kids in Elmont. We are paying attention and we NEED ELMONT ROAD PARK FIXED!


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