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Elmont Online BPCC Community Engagement
Tuesday January 25, 7:30 PM -
Parkhurst Monthly Meeting
Tuesday February 1 - All Day
Lunar New Year

The Belmont Park Community Coalition (BPCC) was formed to ensure that smart growth-oriented, community and environmentally-friendly development takes place at Belmont Park. As the State of New York plans to take up a major redevelopment project for our community, we are concerned by its complete disregard for our concerns about the current redevelopment proposals. In representing the neighborhood of Elmont and its immediately surrounding communities, the BPCC aims to (1) establish a meaningful dialogue at the redevelopment table where all of the community's voices, not just those of the State and redevelopment corporations, can be heard; and (2) have a voice in comprehensive planning and rezoning (MASTER PLAN) of our community in order to preserve and enhance Belmont Park and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Our mission is to work with the members of our neighborhood, community partners, leaders, and development partners to bring tax revenue, high paying jobs, increased retail, recreation, and green space beautification to the historical Belmont Park. The key to doing this is inclusiveness and transparency. We want all of our residents to benefit from redevelopment, and the way to do so is when we can make our voices heard. We want transparency in our backyard, not shady back room deals that hurt the prospect for community-friendly smart growth development that helps all of our community members. #TIMBY (Transparency In My Backyard)

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