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Thursday April 15 - All Day
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Thursday April 15 - All Day
Tax Day

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What I see here is a blatent disregard for decency.  It appears to be a politician running scared who will stoop to any level to eliminate his opponent even to digitally removing him from a picture.  This must be exposed especially when Ciotti claims that he is "for our community." Is the deceit on the part of the newspaper or on Ciotti's staff or both?

Mr. Chrichlow
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Re: Statement made on September 29, 2005 that “You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.”

Recently, I read a transcript containing your statement, partially referenced above, which in essence suggests the validity of genocide, in which genocide is defined as “the planned killing of groups of people.”  Your statement suggests that all black babies are a threat to our society and present no value except that they are potential criminals.

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I remember the hot-dogs.....my mother would always buy us kids the hot-dogs at the entrance before we went shopping. They were the best.
I remember my sister and I being able to wonder around the store looking at the clothes and makeup, while my mother took the other kids into the food area...
I remember the conveyor belts the food was put on behind the cashier. My mother would get a round "token" and take it outside, where the boys would load up our groceries from the numbered buckets... It was very innovative for its time...a super Wal-Mart, before it was even thought of. Everything you needed was in one store. Now, this was many many years ago. Probably about 38-40 years now.

Valerie Calabrese
Ex-Franklin Square Resident and Carey High School graduate.

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