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I remember the hot-dogs.....my mother would always buy us kids the hot-dogs at the entrance before we went shopping. They were the best.
I remember my sister and I being able to wonder around the store looking at the clothes and makeup, while my mother took the other kids into the food area...
I remember the conveyor belts the food was put on behind the cashier. My mother would get a round "token" and take it outside, where the boys would load up our groceries from the numbered buckets... It was very innovative for its time...a super Wal-Mart, before it was even thought of. Everything you needed was in one store. Now, this was many many years ago. Probably about 38-40 years now.

Valerie Calabrese
Ex-Franklin Square Resident and Carey High School graduate.

With Trump in Washington set to hurt public education funding by removing or capping Elmont's homeowners mortage interest deduction, and Cuomo in Albany ready to pay off his donors, Fred Wilpon and partner Jon Ledecky (who has lost almost $100M since purchasing the Islanders) by gifting the two billionaires Belmont Park for use as a skating rink.  It's time Elmont and the surrounding communities understand and resist the peril posed by these two New York politicians.

Residents of the Parkhurst Civic Association met on Tuesday, November 28 at the Elmont Public Library to discuss the state of Belmont Park. Senator Todd Kaminsky was present and spoke about what's to come.

“There are three proposals and one will be chosen” said Kaminsky. “... after the winning proposal is selected by the Empire State Development Corp. [New York State’s main business development agency], community input will determine the final shape of the project”.  His tone was troubling and may have been intended to soften the community's resolve against what has since materialized.

Elmont resident, Aubrey Phillips questioned the idea of another listening session.

“Listening session, what for? … There are [were] three bidders and two are arenas.” said Phillips.

He continued “... the community has emphatically rejected the now bankrupt Cosmos soccer stadium proposal and noted that proposals with stadiums as it's core value is in direct contradiction to the majority wishes of Elmont's high-taxed residents.”

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Franklin Hospital's Cancer Support Group will meet on Monday, September 10th at 2 PM in the hospital's Greenberg Conference Room. Additional information about the montly meetings, or those seeking assitance and information concerning cancer, are urged to contact Franklin's Director of Patient Care Services, Meg Wehrum, R.N. or Judy Foster, RN at (516)256-6509.

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