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Thursday April 15 - All Day
CHC - PTA Outdoor Picture Day (Weather Permi...
Thursday April 15 - All Day
Tax Day

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NEW YORK - a public school teacher was arrested today at JFK International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a set square, a slide rule and a calculator. At a morning press conference, the Attorney General said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement. He did not identify the man who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

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Elmont UFSD Board of Education Meeting

I attended the Elmont Union Free School District Board of Education meeting which was held at the Stewart Manor Elementary School on January 16, 2007.As I walked in I immediately noticed that certain people sat in certain groups. I felt as though people were separated by invisible lines of demarcation. This feeling stayed with me throughout the entire meeting as I noticed that even the Board was fragmented.

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Albany church celebration linked to historic issuing of Emancipation Proclamation

ALBANY -- Israel African Methodist Episcopal Church will hold a Watch Night service on New Year's Eve, much like its congregation did 154 years ago.

The Watch Night service's importance in the African-American community is linked to Dec. 31, 1862, or "Freedom's Eve," the day before the Emancipation Proclamation took effect on Jan. 1, 1863.

On New Year's Day 1863, according to President Lincoln's promise, all slaves in the Confederate states were legally free. But few were actually freed on that day -- given that the proclamation applied only to states that seceded from the Union, and the Civil War didn't end until 1865. Lincoln's proclamation applied only to those slaves who had already escaped to the Union side.
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