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Election Day

The dot you make on election day is more than you know. Let me begin by distilling the nuanced arguments, the individual variations, the what about this and what about that to two simple constructs. For some the dot disconnects them; for others the dot connects them. Connect or disconnect, the dot is your signature on the policy outcomes represented by your choice. So, which are you, connected or disconnected?

I have been taking the temperature of 2018 voters gathered at the largely artificial fault lines in today's national quarrel over migrants, Kavanaugh, tax cuts, health care, living wage etc and it appears to me that the divisions are simple. The Trump voter appears to be motivated by a longing for yesterday; hyper-individualism; eroding objective truth; and winning. On the other hand the Progressive voter appears to be motivated by an inclusive, hopeful tomorrow, a sense of decency, civility, community and evidence driven intellect.

Now don't get it twisted, Trump voters are smart even cunning and are involved in innumerable individual acts of kindness, I know because I see it almost daily. What is puzzling is their willingness to support, to contrive, to lie and to be intellectually dishonest about the failings of their leader, the corrosive effects of his words, the ill effects of limiting health care, marginalizing immigrants, demonizing groups, and the economy that booms at the top of the economic ladder and busts at the bottom of said ladder.

Is it that they simply want to feel better about themselves as they drop pennies into the hands of the working poor while collecting massive bounty from government handout in the form of tax cuts, land giveaways, reduced regulations and, well a false sense of white superiority? I really don't know, nor do I judge, but the Trump effect is unarguably a cause of the degeneration of civility and community.

During a recent appearance President Obama asked a simple question of hecklers “Why are you so angry?” After all Republicans (conservatives) didn't just win - they ran the table on Democrats. From hyper-partisan gerrymandering and stealing a supreme court seat to completely controlling all branches of government (SCOTUS included), what else do they want? Why are they so angry?

Well, maybe they are not angry. They are afraid; afraid of the demons in their heads. You see somewhere in the collective unconscious mind of Trump supporters they are afraid of demographic change. Is that not what motivates Trump and his devotees to want immigration for Sweden, Norway and Russia? I believe they are afraid that what goes around comes around – karma. And I believe that fear compels them to trade Washington for Putin and guns; Ochlocracy over polity.

The fear is irrational. After all the nanny and the home health aid, the cook and the landscaper, the orchard worker and the handyman are generally migrants from south of the border. Stay at a Trump property like Mar a Lago and see who shows up when you call for room service.

So which are you, connected or disconnected?

To the disconnected:

  • On gun control: Your dot connects you to the killers of the nine Baptists worshipers in a church and the eleven Jews in a synagogue.

  • On environmental protections: Your dot connects you to lead in the water of marginalized communities like Flint Michigan , and the PCBs Marines from Camp LeJeune live with today.

  • On health care: Your dot connects you to the asthma, influenza and cancers that flows from the absence of and gleeful rollback of regulations on emission and other standards.

  • On living wages: Your dot connects you to the number of low wage, no benefit jobs the working poor must do to buy a loaf of bread.

To the connected:

  • On history: Your dot connects you to the legacy of Mr. Otis Moss Sr. who walked 18 miles to exercise his right to vote.

  • On objective truth: Your dot connects you a common decency and a desire for objective facts and intellectual honesty;

  • On health care: Your dot connects you to health care as a human right, not health care as privilege for those who can afford it;

  • On regulations: Your dot connects you common sense regulations to preserve natural resources, sensible gun control and the health and welfare of the community;

  • On Campaign Financing and government corruption: Your dot connects for you to the collective outcry against government giveaways to billionaire donors.


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