What I see here is a blatent disregard for decency.  It appears to be a politician running scared who will stoop to any level to eliminate his opponent even to digitally removing him from a picture.  This must be exposed especially when Ciotti claims that he is "for our community." Is the deceit on the part of the newspaper or on Ciotti's staff or both?

Mr. Chrichlow

Sure.....a drop of magic eraser accidentally fell on one spot, and magically eradicated just one person and the matching name......sure, it could happen.........
Name Withheld
The thing that is disturbing was this photography was taken by a county photographer and was therefore paid for with tax dollars. Ciotti has no ri[ght] politicking and campaigning against an opponent with tax dollars.
Name Witheld

In my honnest down to earth impression, this is definetely DELIBERATLEY DONE.
Name Witheld

I received both photos myself. One where Ali is in the photo, and one that has him missing. The one where he was missing was received from John Ciotti's office. I don't remember who sent the good one. It may have been the school district. I think I saved the edited photo here somewhere.
Elmont Herald

How can this be called inadvertent or innocent? Clearly, Ali Mirza was removed from the photo, and the picture was "whitewashed." The paper claims that this was a picture submitted by legislator John Ciotti. The original should be sent to the paper with a request for a correction and reprint.
Name Witheld

Removing signs, altering pictures will not win elections. Acting like a thug or a sneak at night robbing Democratic signs only shows the voting public that you have no new ideas or solutions and it's time to go. I would expect this kind of action from a child not a legislator seeking a 5th term.
Patrick Nicolosi

By all means, expose the deliberate deception that has been foisted on the community. Elmont Online does not have to endorse a candidate. The indignent public will know what to do in the voting booth.
Mr C.

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