Re: Statement made on September 29, 2005 that “You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.”

Recently, I read a transcript containing your statement, partially referenced above, which in essence suggests the validity of genocide, in which genocide is defined as “the planned killing of groups of people.”  Your statement suggests that all black babies are a threat to our society and present no value except that they are potential criminals.

Is this not the ideology made popular by Aryan Supremacists, in Europe, during the early 1930s?  I am happy to say that my family is not made up of criminals, and along the way I have associated with African Americans who are productive and valuable members of society.

However, I was somewhat devastated that such a statement/idea could have been publicly stated, and is now being explained and defended.  There is no defense to the suggestion of destruction and annihilation of a race of people.

I am an educated Black woman with a son, whom I love, and who I intend to be a productive member of this society.  Why don’t you explain to me, why I should have been made to abort my child?

May God have Mercy upon your soul!


Dale A. Black-Pennington

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