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Elmont Online Belmont Park Redevelopment Comunity Letter
Wednesday April 21, 8:00 PM -
Nassau BOCES Budget Approval
Thursday April 22 - All Day
Earth Day

10 Years is Enough! Counting from the conception of the vision plan in 2007 to the current re-submittal of proposals in 2017 one decade later and not much has been accomplished, well except for a pattern of circles, hope - followed by years of frustration and disappointment.  Is this the fault of Politics trying to divide us - as North and South or that some residents are being purposefully misguided?

Fast forward to 2017, having learned through experience, we rise, today, as a diverse, yet, united community as we have concluded that our path to success lies in our own hands - the common people united from the bottom up.   We represent - The Belmont Community, which embodies, Elmont, Floral Park, Queens Community Board 13, Queens Village, Cambria Heights, Bellerose, South Floral Park, Franklin Square and North Valley Stream Residents.

Everyone agrees that the Request for Proposal (RFP) must state "beneficial occupancy (mixed use) of the Belmont property (both lot A & B)" that provides tech start-ups, educational facilities, commercial, retail, restaurants, transit-oriented housing for young professionals and empty nesters, quality of life recreational and green spaces for the surrounding communities, without placing tax burdens on local residents.

In conclusion, everyone knows we are sitting on the most valuable piece of property in Nassau County - Belmont Park/ Elmont, located at the Gateway to Nassau with easy access to transportation that could connect you to the world. Who can be against an RFP that encourages ALL economically viable development plans for this property of regional significance? We are not urban or suburban planners, we encourage you to advocate for an RFP that is attractive to a wide range ideas including the ones mentioned above.  That is how taxpayers get what's best for the community.  Developments mentioned above are being implemented in other communities and they are thriving.

In solidarity with the Residents of the Belmont Park Community

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