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The Elmont Online Project was started in 1998. Since its’ launch, the site has serviced more than 4,000,000 unique visitors from around the world. Elmont Online is Elmont’s downtown online. Today, the site provides a variety of important community services to both its online and off-line users. Most notable are its’ weather service; real-time local, national and international news; an up-to-date community calendar and multi-user planner; a multi-lingual email service, virtually free from ads and spam, provided at no charge to Elmont residents. Every Elmont resident can have their very own, ”RESIDENT”@ELMONT.ORG, email address. TellMont, an online newsletter, delivers to its growing subscriber base timely news and commentary. TellMont has quickly become a welcomed addition to Elmont’s information pool and is considered by many, “Elmont’s New Voice”.

Founding members hold a special place at Elmont On-line. They are the businesses and community residents that supported the vision of expanding Elmont into cyberspace. Today many of these businesses continue to support community efforts with their spirit of volunteerism.

  • Sapienza Pastry
  • Aubrey Phillips
  • Richard Mastrocola, Esq.
  • Elmont Community Coalition Council with Chet Collins as president
  • Century 21 - People Services
  • Family Dentistry Dr. Beague continues to provide support to the health and welfare of Elmont and surrounding communities. He offers his time and other resources to support the efforts of community based projects whenever possible.
  • Ahcarak Consulting LLC, hosts, manages and supports the site free of charge.
  • Advantage Commerce Exchange has since ceased operations.
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