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Monday October 12 - All Day
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      Unsorted Comments

      Unfortunately, Mangano played dirty politics (again) and I fear it is too late to save the world class bus system we have. I hope I am wrong and your efforts save it.

      I have to agree with Congresswomen McCarthy on this but not necessarily for the same reasons. I simply oppose any federal intrusion into the concealed weapons permit process.

      It's pretty sad that Ed Ra is this out of touch. This guy votes against our community all the time. He skips out of his responsibilities and no shows. He insults the Chamber of Commerce by not going to the economic development summit. He says nothing about revitalization and Belmont. He voted against the education budget for our children. He voted against health care for Franklin Hospital. He voted against job creating money. He has alot of gaul "correcting" Mr. Phillips. How about an appology Mr. Ra for being such a great disappointment as our Asssemblyman.

      I am not making a statement either for or against corporal punishment. What I do object to is Congresswomen McCarthy and the Federal Government getting involved in our schools. The teaching of our children has always been a matter of local control. We, the parents of Elmont should be deciding how our schools are run and how our children should be treated.

      The person taking the video may have been more effective if they confronted the two. I know, this can be dangerous, but if there was support from other neighbors then this would have been effective. I have lived in Elmont for only two years. During that time I have had to go to neighbors having very loud parties late at night to ask them to tone it down 5 times. I also called the police on 3 occasions when I did not get any results. One night I went for a short drive and encountered 5 loud parties that could be heard blocks away, going on after midnight. Additionally, there would frequently be cars parked outside my house with people sitting in them for hours at a time. Once, when it was obvious that they were smoking pot I approached them. One of them pointed down the block and said it’s OK because he lives down there. I politely suggested that if he wants to continue what he is doing then it would be more OK if he would do it there and not in the street. Well, first we all need to recognize that these types of behavior are not acceptable. The residents of Elmont should realize that they should not be having loud parties late at night which infringe on the rights of everyone else in the neighborhood. Smoking, drinking in public and other assorted behaviors are not something they are entitled to do at their whim. The neighbors do need to come out and support one another and let these people know that Elmont is not the place to behave this way. If anyone needs support to confront these people, I am willing to stand with you at any time.

      Do you really expect the Police to do anything?? Lets see 2 BLACK males smoking drugs. the cops show up and of course the drugs are tossed down by these two savages right away. The cops question them, they claim they are picked on it ends up in a fight and these two savages are arrested. The editor of this paper and the rest of the merry band of Race Defenders march through the once Great community of Elmont further stirring racial tensions all in defence of two Animals who deserved the beating they got. This is society today ! You asked for it you got it. I for one am glad the cops did nothing for you !

      A small correction Ed - The hearing was held in Suffolk, it was not "the Suffolk hearing". Ms. Schimel's presence in Suffolk underscores the importance of not bleeding the western end of Nassau County into Queens County. "The Lines Matter" and Ms Schimel's remarks should have been echoed by you in Suffolk and again at the hearing scheduled in Nassau County.

      Mr. Phillips just an FYI, LATFOR is holding hearings in Nassau and Suffolk. This was the Suffolk hearing, there is one being held at SUNY Old Westbury on October 27 that I plan to attend.
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