Black History

    Lecture Series

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      This is just a small look into the modern day Jim Crowism that exists in Nassau County. In 2011 just miles away from New York City in one of the most diverse communities in Nassau County systematic discrimination still exists! People must open their eyes and speak out and take those who speak out serious.

      for these people to feel so empowered that they would break the law in the middle of the day and across the street from a police station is unbelievable. Ciotti really delivers for them. Vote him out of office.

      No self respecting person and definitely no self respecting minority person can vote for or support Ciotti after seeing this. This is happening all over. In South Floral Park some other Ciotti people tried to take Solages signs off a homeowner's lawn in broad daylight and cursed the owners of the home when they tried to stop them. This is what "Ciotti Delivers". I got an email tonight from a site check it out for the truth about this election.

      What would you expect the Police to do? These clowns would cry that they are being picked on because of their race- the Universal Excuse. This is what you get in Elmont thugs with no respect with it.