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      Hi,I am working in MTA,LIB,more then 18 years and I living in Long island ,I have won home family 2 kids one going in college and I pay morgages,college tutions and more.I want now If mangano privetize mta long island we no geting same pay,I want know mangano going to pay our mortgages and college tutions,?

      Clear and unadulterated racism – right here, right now, on Long Island. I have confidence in District Attorney Rice and all should allow her office, in concert with Federal authorities, to prosecute this vile act. What can the rest of us do? I would suggest logging onto Mr. Solages’ campaign website and make a contribution - I just did. I don't live in Elmont but I do live on LI. Making a financial contribution is my way of 'putting up a sign' - a sign that supports and encourages candidates – like Mr.Solages – who have the courage and conviction to pursue elected office, regardless of their ethnicity.

      Has anyone looked into who this other guy is? It would be interesting to know his connection to Republican Party, Ciotti, and Sanitation 6?

      Ciotti supporters have resorted to saying this is a publicity stunt for votes. What would Martin Luther King Jr. say? No one in Elmont (except for enablers) brought this on the community. It is shameful that some would resort to "supporting quite" in the face of this outrageous attack on our community.

      Alfano rang my doorbell and asked me to support Ciotti, but I didn't know then that Ciotti voted 4 times this year to not be Elmont's Legislator. His signs say "Our Legislator" but that is truly an insult to my community. I can't believe that Alfano and the others would do this to us. Thank God for www.ragepage.info, it opened my eye. This incident is terrible and asking me to vote for someone who has already voted [to] not represent me is worse. Am I stupid? PLEASE COME OUT AND VOTE DEMOCRAT ON NOVEMBER 8.

      It sickens me but it doesn't surprise me to see this kind of behavior. This is the main reason why the republicans are against consolidation. Local control means nothing to the average tax payer but it means a whole lot to the well connected. No one should be silent about these racist remarks and no one should act like it didn't happen. Don't be affraid to speak up and don't be afraid to vote or put up lawn signs. I just did and they are for Mr. Solages. Enough is Enough. All jobs should be posted just like the city of New York. You should [not] have to kiss the ring of the God Father to get a job. A simple test is all that's needed.
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