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      Friends are not fighting with friends and Elmont isn't comming apart. NO, NO, NO!!! Elmont has just seen something very ugly and real and now we are united more than ever. What we are saying is: Enough is Enough, don't try and tell us this didn't happen, or that some way or some how a young lady was at fault. Voting for change is a good thing and no one should be afraid of change. Remember we get to vote every year. The only way we keep Elmont whole is to vote for change.

      @Lisa that was a very thoughtful comment in that you showed that Elmont is not divided rather outsiders seek to divide Elmont. Also, the author touched on a very good point, racism is not an evil but a symptom. A symptom of an underlying psychological illness. As such, the Sanitation Department should have him psychologically evaluated and drug tested. He might be a walking time bomb. The Sanitation Department, Political Campaigns, and Political Parties are on notice, now if he does anything that harms anyone, the Sanitation Dept, any Political Campaign and any Political Party can be held financially liable. Sexual Harassment, violating Civil Rights, negligent hiring, Assault, Battery...etc. Sanitation Prisco is now Nuclear. All attorneys seeking a huge pay day, pray for Prisco's return. $$$

      That bully should apologize, I seen the video on youtube. He is not even from Elmont. Ciotti is a good man and Elmont is a good place. It is trash from outside of Elmont that causes the trouble. Keep the trash out.

      I didn't see anything remotely racist. Why do people play the race card, when nothing racist was said? He obviously has no respect for women, and most likely would've said the same comment to a white woman. And, the lady who made the "Despicable!" comment, probably should've kept her nose out of the conversation. If the guy is doing something wrong, call him out on it, but stop playing the race card for attention. It only deepens the divide between races and gets nothing accomplished.