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      It's crazy that Ciotti knew that guy for that long and then lied about it. To me that means that he's cool with Prisco or doesn't have a problem with who he is as a person. I see all of the Ciotti flyers that are mailed to my house and those kids in some of them are my age. Any of us teenagers could be a victim like Danroy Henry and it's sad that I live in an area where our representative could allow racist behavior by anyone who works for him. If I could vote I would because Ciotti doesn't make me feel safe.

      I knew there was more to this story. I don't believe Ciotti is sexist or racist but he can't be given a pass for pretending he is unaware of Prisco's work for the Republican Party. We must vote for change.

      Its all about Race. Its sometimes the only way an incompetent person can get into office. Elmont has seen much much better times and no one is going to change that. Everyone puts Race ahead of common sense that why we have a "social experiment" in the White House. Race put him there and because of his incompetence he has blown it for any other Black American looking to take that office. EDITOR'S NOTE: What is incompetence? Is someone incompetent because their ideas and policies are sabotaged for the sake of political gain? Please read "What's the Matter with Kansas". On the issue of Race "in America", how do you explain the radical discrepancies in unemployment rates, incarceration rates and wealth between the class of Americans generally populated by minority groups and the class of Americans generally dominated by non-minorities? Surely, you don't subscribe to some genetic theory of "Race Inferiority" because by logical extension you would be advocating "White Supremacy". You may want to read some of Tim Wise's work.