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Monday October 12 - All Day
Columbus Day


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    Stop domenstic violence

    The National Domenstic Violence Hotline
    Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224".

    Domestic Violence is NOT a private matter, It's a crime against the SOCIETY!

    Black History

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      This is all about race. The owner of this website is a racist against anyone "lighter than he is ...but thats ok ..that is accepted by society.

      Thank you! Finally some common sense. We need jobs and we need to keep our money here, plus bring some money here from all over the world. Did someone forget; we are 5 minutes from JFK international airport. We have land, train, plane, highway, and a developer with a great plan. Did I mention we are 17 minutes from New York City. What are we waiting for?

      Magaly is very compassionate human being who goes beyond the call of duty.. Her strength and energy continues to amaze me. I constantly asked her where does she finds the time and energy to work, take care of her children and volunteer. Magaly gives you that big reassuring smile and says it got to be done. Magaly is some one who truly enjoys helping others which is evident by her tireless dedication to her work which she makes seems effortless. I wish you all the best and I am happy that the Red Cross found a rare gem called MAGALY. ( my friend)

      This is such a well deserve article. Magaly is truly a model citizen of the world. She set the example for all of us to follow. Her endless ability to give of herself makes her an extraordinary person and I am honored to know her. Thank you, you are truly a gifted person!

      Asteroids play several potential roles in science fiction: as places human beings might colonize, resources for extracting minerals, hazards encountered by spaceships traveling between two other points, and as a threat to life on Earth by potential impact. An enormous black asteroid zoomed past the Earth Tuesday. The asteroid was said to be "the size of an aircraft carrier." The thing passed within the moon's orbit. It posed no threat to our world. It did, however, afford experts a unique close-up glimpse at one of these celestial bodies. It was the largest thing to pass that near to our world since the nation's bicentennial in 1976. Battleship-sized asteroid buzzes the Earth closer than the moon. Apart from its size, YU55 is one of the more common types of asteroids. It is carbon-rich and may contain frozen water and useful metals that could be harvested by future space travelers. With the space shuttle program discontinued, NASA’s next plan — targeted for 2025 — is a manned venture to an asteroid.

      If only there could be more Malagy's in the world! I am happy that she continues her volunteering at the American Red Cross of Greater New York and is now a member of our Disaster Mental Health Leadership Committee.

      I feel privileged to know you. You are an example of a selfless and caring human being who truly is a Social Worker. Your tireless efforts to better life for those who are suffering is commendable. You truly are an angel of God who comforts and soothes. God bless you and your family.
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