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      Cracking, Stacking and Packing will never end. The article quoted about Floral Park comparing it with Elmont. Can't compare - the majority of the population in Floral Park is white. Carter Woodson the FATHER OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH, back in the day it was called NEGRO HISTORY WEEK, did his best to educate us of our heritage. Politics will always be POLICITRICKS.

      It makes no sense to me to move the 5th precinct to Hewlett. How can you move a high crime precinct to a low crime area this is true all over the island it seems that the so called high income areas get to have the protection the middle class do not

      I have spoken to a significant amount of people who have stated the Round Table part of the the program was very educational. It provided a historical view of Elmont and how redistricting have had an impact, and in addition it how redistricting will potentially affect issues in the near future.

      Susan.. yes... the patrol cars will have their regular posts... however, what happens when they have to drive further to process their prisoners in a precinct that is now over flowing with cops and prisoners ... who will be on post then... and what will the response time be... they tell u the cops will be at their posts as usual. But realistically it WONT be the same protection

      We need the 5th Precent! I feel and know that this precent serves and protects the gateway to Nassau County.. They are extremely busy i feel we should expand this precent rather than shut it down.. ...

      I am NOT in favor of closing the 5th precinct. However, Quetie Jean is mis-informed if she thinks that the police will have to travel further to get to her, the post cars are still going to remain in the exact same places that they previously were, it's just the building is changing. You will still have the same police protection you always had.

      I moved to Elmont 3 and a half years ago and felt very safe because of the precinct down the block. I disagree with the closing because I have small children & I will feel less safe knowing that I would have to wait a long time for the police to travel to get to me. I also feel that the safety of the children will be challenged when they are walking to and from school alone.