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Change of Heart?


Elmont NY - Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, councilmen Ed Ambrosino and James Darcy, announced yesterday they'll be recommending the reinsertion of mixed-use development to the proposed rezoning law for Elmont's Hempstead Turnpike to the town board on January 24.

The town's rezoning proposal announced last month and published here on Elmont Online outraged community members familiar with the Vision Plan for Elmont.

"Who authorized the changes to the zoning law?" and "what happended between the November elections and now to change Councilman Ambrosino's mind on mixed use development?"  were some of the questions raised by members of the Tudor Manor Civic Association at their January 18 meeting.  They were armed with questions, a well documented history going back to 2003 of plans for the Hempstead corridor and FOILED copies of the proposed law when the councilman arrived to address their meeting.

“I am prepared to amend the present zoning proposal to include mixed use development on January 24" said Councilman Ed Ambrosino to the Tudor Manor gathering.

“We are pleased to hear the councilman say he is ready to amend the proposal” said Joyce Stowe, president of the Tudor Manor civic association.

“Not so fast” said another attendee, “let’s see exactly what the amendments are before we begin applauding.”

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