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Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel to LATFOR - Be careful not to bleed Nassau County into Queens

Farmingdale NY. LATFOR, the Task Force established to aid the Legislature by providing technical plans for meeting the requirements of legislative timetables for the reapportionmen of Senate, Assembly and Congressional districts held a public hearing in Farmingdale NY today. Several witnesses addressed the taskforce, but for border communities like Elmont Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel who represents the 16th Assembly District struck the nail on the head. Audio of her comments follows...

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Notibly absent was 21st Assembly District Representative Ed Ra who could have echoed Assemblywoman Schimel's comments on behalf of the residents on the western border of his district.

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0 # Ian 2011-10-09 15:11
It's pretty sad that Ed Ra is this out of touch. This guy votes against our community all the time. He skips out of his responsibilitie s and no shows. He insults the Chamber of Commerce by not going to the economic development summit. He says nothing about revitalization and Belmont. He voted against the education budget for our children. He voted against health care for Franklin Hospital. He voted against job creating money. He has alot of gaul "correcting" Mr. Phillips. How about an appology Mr. Ra for being such a great disappointment as our Asssemblyman.
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0 # Aubrey Phillips 2011-10-07 08:46
A small correction Ed - The hearing was held in Suffolk, it was not "the Suffolk hearing".

Ms. Schimel's presence in Suffolk underscores the importance of not bleeding the western end of Nassau County into Queens County.

"The Lines Matter" and Ms Schimel's remarks should have been echoed by you in Suffolk and again at the hearing scheduled in Nassau County.
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0 # Ed Ra 2011-10-07 07:37
Mr. Phillips just an FYI, LATFOR is holding hearings in Nassau and Suffolk. This was the Suffolk hearing, there is one being held at SUNY Old Westbury on October 27 that I plan to attend.
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