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The Liquor Mile

4th Liquor Store in a one mile stretch of Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont rejected by NY Liquor Authority.

The boarded up property on Hempstead Turnpike, formerly Blockbuster Video, has been a source of community outrage since it was closed some four years ago. Since its closing, the Town of Hempstead has on at least one occasion denied a proposal to bring a community supported iHop to the location.

Elmont residents were shocked to learn that instead of the family friendly iHop the property was scheduled to become a mega liquor store and that a license hearing was scheduled for December 3rd.

"I just heard some troubling news..." said Mimi Pierre-Johnston. "The Town of Hempstead wants to build a liquor store across the street from Elmont Memorial Library...where our children and seniors come to socialize, study, share in our programs and services. Elmont does not need another liquor store. I am sick and tired of these representatives that do not live here dictating what the needs of our community [are]. I will be damn if my son will see a[nother] liquor store across[s] from our library."

Her appeal did not go unnoticed. County Legislator Carrie Solages had already submitted an objection in writing to the Liquor Authority and The Elmont Community Coalition Council joined with the County Legislator to submit an objection on behalf of the community.

The letter to the Liquor Authority from the Elmont Community Coalition Council cited the store’s proximity to a Daycare Center and improper notice as grounds for denial or at least adjournment. Other objectors noted the proximity and density of liquor stores along Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont. There are currently 3 liquor stores within approximately 7/10 of a mile.
The commission sided with Elmont residents whose voice through Legislator Solages and the Elmont Community Coalition Council was considered at the hearing. The application was denied.

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Barbara Reynolds is a Long Island Regional PTA Board Member and recently installed SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association) Board Member.  She sent the quoted email to a list of residents and parents shortly after being installed as SEPTA board member.
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