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Bond Referendum Defeated


The Sewanhaka Central High School District $100,000,000.00 bond was defeated yesterday.  The unofficial count was 2412 for and 2705 against.

Community  Yes No
Elmont  427  586
Floral Park  1111  955
Franklin Square  527  551
New Hyde Park 347 614
Totals 2412 2706

The outcome was predictable.  In exit interviews conducted by Elmont Online proponents of the bond cited the need for better fields, modern facilities and more often than not many voted because of loyalty PTSA.

The no votes came form home owners and educators alike.  “I’ve had it up to here” pointing to his forehead”, said one voter.  "This is not about education this is about the ad-hoc committee’s desire to play football and soccer day and night."

“Cuts to …, no adult education programs at night like we used to have, larger class sizes, fewer teachers and they are pumping millions into better fields and gyms…Hell no”, said another.

 “I am for education, good education” said PTSA member.  This bond is a bad idea.  People can’t afford it and better yet, people can’t afford to pay $100,000,000.00 for football and soccer.”

The bond opened old wounds too.  Jamaica Square residents pointed to the contentious past around the closing of ATS and the proposed use of the ATS property was simply “too painful to bear – these people forget or don’t know the history of that property”.

Facebook post by Past Principal of Elmont Memorial High School, Diane Scricca, summarized the sentiment in the street best.   “Every program in our district, The Sewanhaka Central High School District, that has been for kids...extra help, regents review classes, operation success, summer school, night school...all gone...additionally, this administration and board has given some hefty wage increase to an increasingly militant union rather than reinstate programs and do small capital improvements each year...when a bond increase is put forth a demographic study is supposed to be done to determine if the population is wasn't done...our population is not increasing...seriously do we need 5 astro turf fields, a gym expansion, auditorium expansion....let's get the focus back on academics I this district where it belongs...this Board is lost! I voted NO and I am an educator...first time in my life!

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