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The More They Know, The More They Say NO

stadium protest

Rain did not stop dozens of Elmont, Valley Stream and South Floral Park residents from meeting to hear about the plans for the south lot at Elmont's Belmont Park.

"This is the first time I am hearing about a soccer stadium and I live right here" said one attendee pointing to her home across the street for the south lot.

"I have visited the soccer stadium website ... the website is slick and fancy but the plan is bad for Elmont", said another resident.  "A soccer stadium does not compliment the historic Belmont Park and it will impact property values for the neighboring homes".

Some may recall then freshman Senator Martin’s words to a Floral Park Civic Association where he said that property values could be depressed by as much as ten percent.  In Elmont that could mean a loss of as much as $30,000 per affected home.

“In middle class communities the residents’ biggest asset is often their home” said Mr. Clark, an “average loss of $30,000 in the value of their property is untenable”.  One resident reminded attendees that “… some of us are still carrying mortgages that are under water and banks are still not really helping”.

Residents were called to the venue by 3rd LD Legislator, Carrie Solage as bright red “Say NO” signs started appearing on the lawns of residents across the area.  The Legislator encouraged resident to learn more about the various proposals and reminded residents that he has communicated their concerns to Gov. Cuomo.

What is clear from the press conference is that Elmont residents are in favor of development that includes housing for young professional at the Belmont Park site and reviving the LIRR station.

What is also clear is the more residents know about a stadium the more they say “no”.

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0 # Christina 2013-05-20 21:33
I'm not a fan of what's going on in our community at all. I don't know who to place the blame on yet, but whomever they are, they have steered us down the wrong path.
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