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Violence Overshadow ECSD Meeting


ELMONT NY - After last night’s Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development (ECSD) meeting at the Elmont Public Library; Joe Smith, husband of Sandra Smith who chairs the Coalition, shouted anti-gay and racist slurs, at Elmont’s Iraq War veteran Carl Achille.  Smith was heard shouting “you uppity nigger”, just before he lunged at Achille.

With Smith’s hands firmly clutching Achille’s neck, he pushed the young man onto one of the tables that formed the U shaped arrangement set in place for the meeting by library staff.

The sustained assault was eventually broken up by Elmont Library Trustee Patrick Nicolosi.  As Smith was being pulled from his position above Achille he continued shouting profanity adding that he did not care that Achille was in law enforcement.

Smith, Smith, Lawes, and Hall represent the Republican establishment in Elmont.  Residents are now openly asking, “Is the Elmont Public Library a place for civil discourse or the new Republican front for the war on reason and Elmont residents.”

This is not the first time Joe Smith, a Prisco apologist, has shown his “Ciotti Prisco” like predisposition at the Elmont Public Library.  On February 13, 2012, Smith with Tania Lawes and Anne DeMichael acting as cheerleaders demonstrated his thug like manner in very same room.

“I am hurt that a sixty year old black man would call me an “uppity nigger” said Achille.  “I attended Elmont Schools, defended my country and returned to my community to give back to the people that gave me so much.”

Many who witnessed the altercation applauded Achille’s restraint.

The phrase “uppity nigger” is an old pejorative used by [some] whites and “[some] white anointed blacks” to put generally young black men,  but mostly noconformist blacks “in their place”.  This plantation mental set is evident even today in Elmont.

A formal report was filed with the Nassau County Police Department.

An Intresting Read:


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+1 # John Camossano 2013-03-26 09:31
Very sad. I too was turned off by the leadership of that civic group. The women on that panel would yell and scream all the time at the residents. Very ghetto bunch. I will never go back after this episode. Wonder why people don't stay or want to raise children in this community? This is why! Feel sorry that the young man was attacked like that and called those slurs. That's not fair.
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+2 # Carl T. 2013-03-24 18:53
In today,s day and age ,we should be more civilized(this is 2013)no one should be still using that derogatory term anymore, be it black or white.
When the whites used it they get in trouble right away,there should be no different with the blacks.
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+1 # Ann 2013-03-21 12:33
I read the story and I'm appalled. With that being said, Joe did wrong, and I hope Joe gives the young man an apology. I would of had a heart attack seeing Joe attack that young man.

This morning I got an email sending me to this facebook page and I applaud it's efforts. Elmont does need serious help.
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0 # Carl 2013-03-21 10:49
This situation is an embrassment to the whole entire community, on both sides!!!
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+2 # Ann 2013-03-21 12:42
Yeah your right @Carl, Claudine Hall & Joe Smith need to apologize to the young man and both his wife and organization need to move it elsewhere out of our community. They consistently make Elmont look like ghetto trash. 7 years in charge of development and nothing accomplished, except jobs for Sandra and her friends with local politicians, and a thug husband attacking our young people.
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-2 # Mike 2013-03-20 16:41
Wait a minute now... Smith, who if I read correctly is described as a "60 year old Black man" calls another "Black" man an Uppity "N" word and the last sentence of the article basically blames "whites" for making up the insult???

Wow talk about stirring the pot there Elmont Online.

Poor Pat Nicolosi, he seems to be the only guy who got up and stopped this from getting worse.... I guess in the Elmont Onlines twisted racist world, Pat, in a way was keeping two brothers down.

Shame on Elmont Online your Racist anti white views continue as usual.
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0 # EoL Editor 2013-03-21 07:10
Reading is fundamental. May I suggest you invest some time reading these links:

before you voice an opinion that paints you as something other than the wonderful human being you are
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+1 # Tyrone 2013-03-19 09:31
No doubt about it, Scott Cushing is funny style, and Joe Smith is reckless, his wife is okay but he get's wild and talks reckless all the time. He told everybody the day after the attack that Carl said something about his mother (boo-hoo), then he said he was defending Claudine Hall aka loud mouth (which I know is a lie)..... Then in the newsday he said Carl grabbed his wrist. I smell another lie, which one is it? I personally know of both individuals and Carl is the most honorable out of the 2. As of last night I heard Scott, Sandra, and some lawyer dude are planning to start attacking the young man, and Scott has been calling everyone trying to make up a story. Beware of his tactics. He's already sent the "text" to his young followers and assistants.
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-1 # Duncan 2013-03-20 11:40
The whole thing sounds embarrassingly sordid. By the way, why would discussion about Joe Smith's mother come up in the context of a meeting of this sort? Perhaps both parties could apologize to the community at large for failing to maintain the professionalism that we should expect.
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0 # Tyrone 2013-03-21 00:15
According to numerous witnesses and a video floating around, Carl didn't say a word except saying: "that's a lie, your lying" and Smith grabbed him by the neck, screamed out some racist stuff, in addition to f#ggot, p#ssy, and threw him onto a table. But the story that Joe's wife made up and told the neighborhood gossip queen Scott, was that Carl said something about Joe's mother. Which is a lie! Carl is the one that deserves the apology. Sandra and Joe Smith made our community look really bad that night and she needs to go, so does the short fat lady that started the attack.
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+1 # Randy 2013-03-18 12:56
Very true @Tom. I've heard the same about that Scott guy.
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+6 # Tom D 2013-03-17 15:49
This hate is fueled by none other than a political operative by the name of Scott Cushing. He runs around gossiping and spewing lies and hate. I urge everyone not to believe a word he says. He is a liar and I'm sure he pumped these thugs up to attack the young man. I have kids in the district, and in the HS and I'm tired of my kids and their friends telling me how Scott stalks them offering them town jobs, pizza parties and baseball tickets to hand out republican fliers and posters. Scott needs to pack his bags and take his cronies with him. Scott is a two faced divisive rat. Elmont needs to stand up for this young man!
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+2 # Rosanne Spinner 2013-03-17 08:55
I just saw this e-mail, on Sunday. All I can say at this point is: the incident that took place back when Ciotti was running for re-election was shameful, and this current incident is equally shameful.

That being said, I am a conservative Republican and I am white. I am appalled by the references to "terms used by whites" as well as "new Republican front" as mentioned in the e-mail that I received. One bad apple does not go for the whole bunch. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Period.
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0 # EoL Editor 2013-03-17 18:41
We agree the "term used by whites" is over-broad. Upon reflection it would have been more accurate to say "term used by some whites". Please accept our apology. The document will be edited to reflect the change.
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0 # Duncan 2013-03-20 11:36
Quoting EoL Editor:
We agree the "term used by whites" is over-broad. Upon reflection it would have been more accurate to say "term used by some whites". Please accept our apology. The document will be edited to reflect the change.

Clearly used by some African Americans as well, for which they should be held accountable and not place the blame elsewhere. I still don't understand the point of ascribing the pejorative to any specific ethnic or racial group. Anyone who uses it, for whatever reason, is wrong. Is that not enough in this day and age?
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+2 # Randy 2013-03-12 14:03
That guy Smith is an animal. It's sad that this young (Achille) guy does the right thing to get involved in his community and he is insaulted then assaulted. This guy better face the same persecution that anyone else would face throwing around those slurs. I don't care what your beliefs are, you don't put your hands on someone else. He's lucky that young man didn't lay him out. Kudos to Achille, that takes alot of chutzpah!
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