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911 Call Prompts School Lockdown

thumb _dsc0011A 911 call prompted a full response from school officials and Nassau Police at Elmont Memorial High School today.

The caller, a female, reported seeing a  male teen entering the school with a backpack and a gun.  Nassau police Deputy Inspector Ken Lack later told reporters “the gun was lime green in color, possibly a toy".

Other schools in the area were locked down as a precautionary measure.

Many parents and guardians converged on the school after they were notified by the districts “Connect Ed” system of the situation.

“I am very pleased by the schools response” said one visibly nervous parent, “my son is inside but my twin daughters are here”

“What will we do about school security?” asked another parent, “the entire county is nervous about guns.

"As inconvenient as this is, it is a good day for us in Elmont ... Good because no one is being brought out in a body bag.  Good because our school administration showed their ability today. - By God, we have to deal with this gun problem in the county", said another parent.

School officials and police want parents to know that the children in the building are safe.

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-1 # Mimi Pierre Johnson 2013-01-15 15:02
The lock down is over. Congrats to the way Elmont Memorial Staff children and police on all levels took care of such a scary situation. Standing out there with the parents I felt proud of my community. Thank you Mr. Capozzi
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