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Solages Wins In A Landslide


 DSC0416 001Residents of the 3rdLD gathered at the Dutch Broadway office of Legislator Solages to hear the results of the vigorously contested race for Nassau County Legislature.

Jubilation and relief spread amongst the gathering when it became clear that Mr. Solages had overwhelmingly defeated his rival.  “Congratulation Mr. Solages, this was an election about you – the Republican made it about you and ignored the real issues that plague Elmont” said one resident.

“The people of the 3rdLD understood what was at stake” said one resident.  “In fact, some of us took the day off from work to poll watch”.

“The flagrant attempt to divide the Haitian community with false differences did not work, will not work … no sir.  Not now or in the future if I have anything to say about it” said another relieved resident.

Mr. Solages thanked the crowd gathered in his office then one by one he said “Thank you”.

“I look forward to working with the community on issues that are important to the community” said Solages.  “My office is open to all the residents of the 3rdLD regardless of how they voted or how they are registered to vote”

Issues like reopening the 5thPrecinct got harder last night.  With County Executive Mangano reelected and a legislature that shifted more Republican from 10-9 to 11-8 residents are concerned.

Gerrymandering was designed to give Nassau Republicans a super majority in the County Legislature and residents understand that last night’s results were in part designed by the recent Republican Gerrymandering of Nassau County.


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0 # Lawrence 2013-11-06 12:27
his opponent was on the Tax Revolt (Tea Party) line. SMH!
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0 # Marsha Lambert 2013-11-16 19:54
There is no tea party in Nassau County elections. That is a national party that advocates for reductions in the US national debt. Tax revolt party is limited to Nassau county elections which has nothing to do with national debt.
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