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Elmont Online

The Community map displays traffic information as well as drriving (walking) direction around Elmont and beyond.  The map is linked to our Events Feature.  Click on event and then click on the footprints for location and direction.

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  • Red Light Cameras

  • Alden Manor

  • Argo

  • East End

  • Jamaica Square

  • Locustwood-Gotham

  • Parkhurst

  • Tudor Manor

Red Light Cameras are located at the intersections of Elmont Road and Dutch Broadway and Elmont Road and Linden Blvd.
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The Jamaica Square Improvement League is a Civic organization formed by the people for the purpose of uniting in an effort to improve our community. The original suggestion of forming a civic organization was introduced by the Rev. H. David Parker, pastor (emeritus) of the Emanuel Baptist Church. The civic organization is not religiously affiliated with any particular denomination, as our members constitute many religious backgrounds. Rev Parker graciously opened the doors of this church for the first meetings and assisted in guiding us through the first difficult periods. The meetings were held regularly on every third Monday of the month at the Elmont Public Library. However, until the renovation of the library was completed the meetings were held at Alva T. Stanforth Jr. High School in room #I36 (now the New Elmont Public Library.)   It was discussed and voted on that the meetings be moved to the Hendrickson Ave. Park (our current meeting place)   Source:
The earliest record of a Locustwood community group dates prior  to 1882 predating the creation of the community of Elmont. In 1989, the community civic groups of Locustwood and Gotham merged together to form: The Locustwood / Gotham Civic Association. Since 1974, the Locustwood Civic has been recognized by the State of New York, in the County of Nassau and Town of Hempstead, as a non-for profit domestic community organization. Prior to that, existed the Locustwood Estates community development and preservation group founded in 1929.  Source:
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