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$ v Public Good


This crossed my desk today, “… and Aubrey, what’s the status of the Joe Smith case?  I hope it’s not forgotten?!”

Well EoL Reader, Smith was formally arrasted and charged with the crime on March 29 and I suspect from your emphasis on “?!” you are asking a deeper question.  Will Joe Smith like Vinny Prisco get away with the ongoing intimidation of Nassau County (Elmont) residents on behalf of the Long Island Republican establishment?  Will Republican dollar$ subvert the public good - again?  The answer remains to be seen.

This much is known:

  • After the incident became a police matter, local Republican operatives including Sewanhaka Central Council PTSA President, Barbara Reynolds were making calls to witnesses with scripts that orchestrated an alternative narrative about the events of that evening.
  • At least one resident, a “community leader”, who witnessed the event was so intimidated by calls to rewrite the facts of the evening that they have essentially withdrawn from the public discussions for fear of reprisal.  It is widely believed that the “community leader” did not participate in the investigation conducted by the Elmont Public Library because of that fear.  They have however, privately shared their horror with selected community residents and Elmont Online.
  • Another resident who attended (the beginning of the meeting) left prematurely because they were verbally assaulted by a wound up Jamaica Square President, Claudine Hall.  This occurred well before the incident and leads one to believe the stage was being set for Smith’s neck grabbing and body slamming of the non-resisting community resident.
  • Witnesses concur that Hall was the antagonist that faithful night.  She had to be physically restrained by community residents that were present at the melee.  Hall, one of the newest members of the Elmont Republican junta, has since been rewarded with the high honor of grand marshal for the upcoming Memorial Day Belmont Stakes parade, an affront to residents veterans everywhere.

But what’s really important to watch for is the message to our youth from this Machiavellian group of Pied Pipers?

March 15 VandalismWill the Republican Party continue paying for more injustice in Nassau County?   Will local school administrators continue to allow these Pied Pipers into your taxpayer funded buildings where they then polarize our youth and foster the gang like mentality that produced this March 15 act of vandalism on the property of a Conway Rd. resident?  Vandalsim which neighbors and the victim reported to police. Will the school districts and community remain hostage to the politics of “minimal” state aid funding, growing mandates, fantacy “tax-relief” and deceptive even cynical photo ops?  We will see what the legal system is made of - again.  Curruption IS rampant among the political class.

Smith pled not guilty at his first court appearance on April 10 and is scheduled to appear again in court on Thursday, May 9, 2013.  He faces a maximun of 15 days jail for his crimes.

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