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Elmont Online

Nassau County needs legislators with the

Nassau County needs legislators with the vigor to do their job, the intelligence to know what a legislator's function is, the creativity to fashion true solutions, and the youth to have a vested interest in the long term future. Carrie Solages has demonstrated that he has those qualities and the courage to use them for the public good. He has promised to be specific, thorough, accessible and accountable. He has said he will make a public record of his promises and his efforts and will keep the public timely informed. The foundation of his platform is dedication to honest public service, without control by any special interest. What a breath of fresh air! These are times of economic hardship, self-serving politicians who are bought and paid for, an almost total lack of real growth planning for Nassau County, deteriorating infrastructure and a virtual paralysis of public function. Nassau County has the potential of being one of the great counties of the United States. That will not happen unless we break the grip of mindless patronage, lazy politicians and "special" interests. Solages promises reform. Give him the opportunity to show what he can do. Get on board his campaign as something that is important in the lives of all of us. Then, hold him and the other elected officials accountable during their tenure and when they seek to run again. Vote. Get your family, neighbors and friends to vote. Volunteer to help get out the vote. This November election is critical to our future.