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Elmont Online

As a Queens resident that borders Elmont

As a Queens resident that borders Elmont, I can only see a stadium benefiting children, families and the community. Together our accomplishments are limitless. The time is now! Soccer is exploding here in America. We have children that love and breathe soccer. We need a Field of Dreams in our community. Soccer is hardwork, technique and most of all teamwork. The children and their families are showing their passion and commitment to soccer. With a collaborative effort, we need to respond to our children and community’s demand. The game of soccer and a soccer stadium can solve so many issues. Today, our children need an outlet for healthy reasons. Too many children are fighting obesity. The children need to exercise, eat healthy, stay away from drugs and they need to be directed in a positive, productive, progressive and healthy fashion. Soccer can be the vehicle and the place is our new stadium. As our children and community challenge us with new demands, we need to respond by meeting and going beyond their expectations. A stadium in Elmont, will bring a Field of Dreams to our local community. A stadium would expand our family community, bring more excitement, help old businesses, bring new business and generate an even more inspiring special pride. Let’s make it happen! Stadium Today Accepts the Dream I’ll Use in tomorrow’s Memories