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Elmont Online

newsday did not give this the coverage i

newsday did not give this the coverage it needs. belmont right now is not cutting it for elmont. sandra smith is right its OUR vision for elmont. i am very happy that the senators are on board and fighting for elmont. otb is not our focus here in elmont and i dont care about betting on palm sunday. i care about the jobs and new places to shop. i want elmont to get the respect it needs. i dont want to go to green acres. i want to go in elmont and buy things. i want to take my kids to a restaurant in elmont not in another town. alfano used to be elmonts man in the room during these fights for gotham avenue school. he is gone. we got martins and skelos and we have to get behind them. the taxes are too damn high and we have two powerful senators who are on our side. lets face it black communities dont get the respect we deserve and they ignore us all the time. i am one democrat who is happy that two republican senators are standing with our community. johnson promised everything and did nothing. these guys seem to be the real deal. i am with them.