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Tell Jack Martins and Dean Skelos that e

Tell Jack Martins and Dean Skelos that even if you do not wish to bet at Nassau County OTB on Palm Sunday and Easter Sundays, that you do not believe that the OTBs should be closed on those days. Freedom of choice and money to be made for the State (functionally bankrupt) and the county. OTB workers that wish to work eg time and half on Sunday should be able to do so. Vacation should be taken as a matter of choice. How can you trust Dean Skelos and Jack Martins to deal with complicated questions when they can't take care of simple concepts. eg Tracks are running across the Unite States that bettors want to bet at OTB and OTB refuses to open the doors to take their bets. Is it any wonder New York State and Nassau County are bust? Just think if Suffolk OTB had requested a FREE Opinion from the Attorney General it could /would have most likely been able to open and take bets on Palm Sunday and Easters Sundays for years and workers would have had the choice to work and make money or take vacation and do as they wish. Bankruptcy. People lose jobs and OTBs die as they did in NYC. What a fine bunch of legal minds? Just like Dean Skelos and Jack Martins. NY PML Sec 105 does not apply to the OTBs and is not constitutionally defensible. Voice your opinions or sue!
Last Updated ( Friday, 13 May 2011 05:59 )