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You are right in some senses however, th

You are right in some senses however, the (MTA) Payroll Tax is really also considering in the Metro-North Railroad & Long Island Railroad. However the Long Island Bus should be kept considering the crowds on the routes out of Jamaica and Flushing as well as several routes in county. I think Ed Mangano does not know how effective LI Bus is and he doesn't know the difference between LI Bus Riders and Taxpayers. Those 'taxpayers' who don't ride the bus, it's their decision not to ride a quality service provided 24/7/365 even battling thru severe storms. I do think the (MTA) should trim out some fat however, Nassau County should fund a bit more to the MTA. I had considered moving to Nassau (as I live in Queens and not too far from the border), now thanks to Mangano's decision, I withdrew my decision. He also seem to forget LIRR, an MTA operated/owned railroad) exists. If he does not want Nassau Co. "Tax-Payers" to pay the MTA the "Payroll Tax", LIRR should not be required not to stop at Nassau Stations and go to Suffolk County...
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 April 2011 07:11 )