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Elmont Online

You are right on the money with your art

You are right on the money with your article. In 1973 Nassau County formed MSBA to take over the bus service from 10 private bus companies because it did not work. Here are some other points to look at. Will the private company accept metro card with free transfers? Will they hire qualified bus drivers? Will they raise fares to make a profit? Will they run only the busiest bus routes and cut the rest? Will they maintain the buses up to standards? Will they follow the 19a federal mandatory procedures the mta drivers go through every year? I am sure there many other problems with privatization. The solutition is for Albany to come up with dedicated funding that goes directly to Long Island Bus. The MTA payroll tax goes to New York City only is this fair? Nassau, Sufflok and Westchester pay this tax receive nothing. How does The Long Island Transportation Authority sound?
Last Updated ( Saturday, 09 April 2011 10:03 )