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Elmont Gets A Short Stack For A Tall Cause: Highlighting Success Fundraiser A "Success"


hs fundraiserMonday, October 3, 2011 – Elmont woke to the aroma of fresh flapjacks and coffee this past Saturday morning.  A fundraiser, introducing the new organization “Highlighting Success”, brought  a knowledge thirsty and pancake craving community to the three-month-old Applebee’s in the Home Depot Shopping Center on Hempstead Turnpike. 

The organization’s inaugural event was dubbed “a short stack for a tall cause”.  Highlighting Success vies to create and expand educational opportunities and cultural awareness for the youth of Elmont and the surrounding communities.

“Expanding after-school program choice for parents is a new initiative,” says Aubrey Phillips, Executive Director of Highlighting Success, “Highlighting Success shares the belief that education and culture are cornerstones of civil society… and Highlighting Success strives toward collective reflection through culturally enriching activities and after school choice for parents.”

Though the “flapjack” fundraiser was their first event, the budding not-for-profit is not new to the Elmont Community.  Highlighting Success, Inc. has co-produced the annual Elmont Black History Month Celebration with Elmont Online for a number of years in collaboration with local public schools, universities, former Assemblyman Tom Alfano and current State Senator Jack Martins.  The celebration, held each February, is in its ninth year.  

The breakfast attracted several notable individuals; Dr. Marsha Darling, Professor and Director of the African, Black and Caribbean Studies Program at Adelphi University; Tania Lawes, former library board president; Joyce Stowe, Elmont Community Coalition Council President; Patrick Nicolosi, president of Elmont East End Civic Association; Sandra Smith, Chairperson of the Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development; Cheryl Lee, President of Parkhurst Civic Association and Elsy Guibert, Founder and Executive Director of EMG Health Communications.  

County Legislator John Ciotti and his Democratic challenger Carrie Solages, both of whom mingled with guests and were respectful of Highlighting Success’ mission and purpose for having the breakfast, were also present.

Enthusiastic members of Highlighting Success’ board of directors rolled up their sleeves and served coffee, tea and ideas about the organization.  The board members could also be seen dining with and listening to breakfast supporters as they talked education, local and national politics, sports, and economic opportunity.

“In tough economic times education and culture suffer and hyper-individualism flourishes as a barrier to communal growth,” says Lionel Stewart, member of the Board of Directors for Highlighting Success.  He continued, “Now more than ever, we need organizations like this one to provide the opportunities some don’t have the resources or ability to seek out.  People are out of jobs and some are working two or three to make ends meet.  In these trying times, one thing rings true; a child’s education should never take a back seat to the economy.”

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0 # Aubrey Phillips 2011-10-04 06:43
On behalf of the Board of Highlighting Success I want to express our appreciation for the support the community showed by attending and, or contributing to our flapjack breakfast. Your enthusiastic response to our stated mission and goals says we are on the right track.

I also want to thank both Legislator Ciotti and Carrie Solages for attending the breakfast and for being respectful of our guests as they enjoyed breakfast, family and friends.

Please mark your calendars as the 9th Annual Black History Month Celebration is scheduled for Feb. 12 at the Elmont Public Library. It promises to be better than ever.
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