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Elmont Memorial High School Student Wins Hofstra University Spanish Poetry Contest

Elmont Memorial High School Advanced Placement Spanish student Mariolbis Rosa won Second Place at the Hofstra University Spanish Poetry Contest on April 1.  High school students from all of Long Island are invited to participate in the contest.  The purpose of the contest is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements in Spanish and to participate in an extra-curricular activity of broad cultural impact. Students have the option of reciting a poem from a Spanish author or rendering an original poetic composition in Spanish delivered from memory. The competition was very intense.  Mari prevailed and won the prize.  Her Elmont Memorial High Spanish teacher, Dr. Patricia Lennon, said, “We are very proud of her ability to present a dramatic rendition of her poem in front of a room full of people and judges from the university.”  Congratulations to Mariolbis and the Elmont High School World Languages Department.
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0 # vianna silcox 2011-05-10 15:14
Congrats Elmont, every one knew you could win. I am so happy for everyone I wish I was still a part of the school. I really miss home. Tennessee is no where as good as there. I know we wouldn't win against anyone there.
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